30 November 2009

No Dogs Allowed

So a friend says, "Why don't you write a blog?"  And I say, "Okay."  Yeah, it was just that profound.  I figure everyone and his dog has a blog, why shouldn't I?  Seriously, if you think the whole dog thing is hyperbole you are quite mistaken, my friend.  Just check out these: http://serendipitypark.blogspot.com/  and http://mydogshavefleas.wordpress.com/ If a flipping dog can write a crummy blog so can I, right?  Although while I was looking at all the dogblogs I saw this http://www.sockington.org/ which evidently is a catblog that has gotten so popular that the damned cat is contemplating coming out with a book, and that will be in addition to the t-shirts and coffee mugs he apparently already sells.  Way to monetize, kitty!!   I've got to say though, if I have to read an animal blog I prefer a cat because dogs just have no sense of irony, ya know?

I'm not quite sure what I'll write here, some posts could be personal, others just observational.  Hell, I could spend my time writing about some of the great conumdrums of our times such as, why did Ginger pack all of those inappropriate evening gowns for just a three-hour tour? And while we're at it, if Thurston and Lovey were so bloody rich why were they on a crappy charter boat?  But we'll get to all that in time.  Who knows where or even if this will go?   Most likely this will just be a space where I can ramble on about random weirdness...because let's face it, it's what I know best.