17 May 2010

Pamela's Got Bigger Problems Than Staying Kiss-Free

That hair has got to go, honey.

One of the funniest and creepiest things I've seen in a loooong time.  From a Christian abstinence-only sex education video, excerpts from "Pamela's Prayer".

I bet Pamela's dad didn't wait until marriage to kiss a boy. Hypocrite.


  1. I guess that's why Pamela got married at age 16. Had 7 babies by the time she was 26, got fat, looked like an old hag and her husband left her for that hot young cashier at WalMart.

  2. The majority of us all fall short of the perfection of our chosen ideals, whether they are acknowledged as Faith or Civilized Morality. We all bear within us a moral compass and should put forth the perfection of those beliefs with conviction. Not because we can attain it, but that we should strive for it. Coach John Wooden comments in his book, "Wooden: Life On and Off the Basketball Court", "We should all strive for perfection in what we do, not because we can achieve it, but because by doing so we will, at times in our lives, reach excellence." Personally, as a proclaimed Christian, I think this particular viewpoint of the video is taken out of context of Scripture, but I understand some of the thought behind it. Showing affection through touch ( and kissing is touching) is not sinful of itself. Lust is sinful, not kissing or touching through love and affection, but uncontrolled or ignorance of what could spur Lust can lead to Lust. From my viewpoint, this video runs with the thought that teens can't control themselves and avoid Sinning unless they keep themselves clear or any remote temptation. I don't believe that. Uninformed, poorly educated people ( of ANY age) make bad choices in any situation that produces consequences.

  3. Well thought-out points. However, my intention is not to make fun of people's personal moral beliefs (well, maybe a little) but to point out the creepy vibe the film gives off. Fair play to Pamela's dad, at least he expected the boy to stay kiss-free as well. I could care less about other people's sexual mores as long as they do not try to force their beliefs on others. In the case of this post, it was all about the creepy though. Cheers