16 June 2010


I pride myself on the fact that I am not a pack rat.  After a lifetime of numerous moves I have gotten the winnowing down of possessions to a science.  In fact, as I've gotten older I feel more and more uncomfortable about accumulating things (except the previously mentioned tech gadgets I covet) because I've seen how tied down people get as they become attached to a house, their furniture, keepsakes, tchotchkes, piles of magazines, dead dog ashes, whatever.  The more you accumulate the more difficult it is to move on and as I have always been known to have itchy feet, it does not suit me to add to the pile of possessions I already have, and I am consequently constantly finding new ways to get rid of what I own. 

Apparently this characteristic does not apply to my relationship with email though.  This is what I saw today when I opened up my email program.

What The F*ck?!  That's 717 UNREAD emails left in my box (there were over 1200 total)! Going back over a year! 

And some people accuse me of being unsentimental.  I guess I've shown them.
Never mind.