24 October 2010

Inventions That Are Not Awesome, Even With Sparkles

Sparkles make almost everything seem better, but not always.

This Shower Hood is really only nice for those who like putting makeup on their dirty faces.

 You're wrong.  Even sparkles can't save tighty whities.

 No, No, No, NO!

Well this one just makes me sad.  Gentlemen, there is absolutely nothing wrong with extra testosterone.  Unless you have a tendency toward douchebaggery; in which case, you might want to check these out.  Also comes in distinguished gray.

Baby Cage.  Actually, I'm kind of torn about this one.

What. The. Hell?!

Unicorn Corn Holders

Ha!  Kidding!  These would be TOTALLY awesome with sparkles!!!

Christmas is coming!

Getting My Art Appreciation On

I am so excited to spend the day at the Seattle Art Museum! It is blustery and stormy out, what better way to spend time than to hang out with Pablo?

PICASSO - Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso, Paris at the Seattle Art Museum | Trailer

23 October 2010

In the WTF File...

God I love Craigslist.

They don't come with a cage.  I'm sure an old moving box will work. 

hissing cockroaches (bremerton)

Date: 2010-10-23, 3:31PM PDT
Reply to: comm-qyhft-2022147986@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]

i have an established colony of awsome hissing cockroaches. will rehome all together without cage for $50 bucks. these little buggers climb glass, and can be loud at times. i have a red light on them at all times for heat, you can do the same or just use a ceramic heat emmiter or even a heating pad. they will need a tightly fitting lid, or i read you can spread vasoline about 1.5-2 inches from the top and its suppose to hinder their climbing on the lid of enclosure. i can maby include a 10 gallon tank with lid for another 15 bucks.

i feed these little pigs a mix of cat, dog, and chicken feed. and about a head of lettuice every other week

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